Thank you for joining us at this conference which explored the factors shaping the future of the Indo-Pacific Region and New Zealand’s relationship with it.

The Indo-Pacific region is changing fast not only because of the effects of great power dynamics, economic and trade patterns, climate change, sustainability, demographic and social changes, but also due to the on-going impacts of Covid-19. Regional cooperation will be a key factor in managing and mitigating the political, economic, social and environmental uncertainty created by these trends. This is particularly so for small countries such as New Zealand. 

With the key themes of Geopolitics, Sustainability, Geo-Economics and Inclusion, the NZIIA conference 2021 brought together renowned thinkers and experts, Indo-Pacific speakers, members of the diplomatic community, government agencies and academics. But it also brought together more young people and businesses who may benefit from a broader understanding of the dynamics shaping the Indo-Pacific region.


Conference partners


We are very grateful to our four partners for their support of this conference. Without them it simply wouldn't have been possible.